Greetings Earthlings.

Let us begin by taking you through a journey. A journey of a young artist that found her love and adoration of pop culture as a median to create an NFT collection based on her favorite interests as well as some life experiences.

Our beloved Tronbie NFT’s are the first ever original 10,000 NFT collection available on Tron Blockchain. We are super proud of that, and we understand what it is to be a Tronic. We live on the Tron blockchain, eat from it, go to sleep to it, then come back to it the next day. So in essence, we are all Tronbies!

To further incentivize our minters and holders we will be introducing our Tronbies token, $TBT. The purpose of this token to start off will be so our NFT holders can receive some passive income through staking rewards. If you hold a Tronbie you will be able to stake it for a period of time and receive $TBT when you unstake it.

Staking reward details

  • Our rewards are based on rarity rank and length of stake. Rarity rank staking rewards are dependent on if you hold a super rare Tronbie or a non-rare.
  • Base reward to all holders that stake their Tronbie NFT.
  • Rarity rank reward will be given to any holder that holds a super Rare Tronbie and stakes it.
  • Length of stake rewards are based on the length of time you freeze your asset. Rewards are as follows:
  1. Those that do not freeze for time will get base rewards.
  2. We will also be implementing staking NFT + token for higher rewards.
  3. To div out staking rewards 20% of total supply will be sent to the staking contract.

50% of our NFT collection sales will be used to buy back and burn $TBT supply and add to liquidity

buyback and burn will begin when minting site is launched

Token allocation and distribution

$TBT is the official Tronbies token for the Tronbies ecosystem. It is a TRC-20 token.
The total supply is 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
tokens generated (not mineable) to be distributed as follows:

Staking Contract20%

Make sure to check out our roadmap HERE