• Token Launch Launched
  • Merch Launched
    We will be launching merchandise through the Tron Network Store to reach a bigger audience with our art through fashion.
  • Minting Launched
  • Marketplace X Launched
    if there are any Marvel fans out there then you would know the difference between bone claw Wolverine and Weapon X.
    For those non-Marvel fans I can describe this as upgrading our existing Marketplace.
    This will be an active development project, meaning we will be upgrading as we progress.
    Eventually we would like to have other projects listed in our marketplace.
    This will also incentivize our NFT holders as they will recieve a percentage of the marketplace listing fees.
    We will also be implementing a referral based rewards system from marketplace sales.
  • NFT staking To be announced
  • Metaverse project To be announced
    at some point in the near future we will take some of the development funds and purchase land in the metaverse. This land will be either used for advertising space, pay to rent, or it will be used to create a business of some sort. This will also bring another form of passive income to our NFT holders.
  • GameFi To be announced
    as much as we are artists and creators, we are also gamers. We are going to be creating a P2E tower defense game. Players will be able to earn $TBT through gameplay.


What gives us an advantage? We are creators and NFT lovers first and foremost, and we take the NFT space very seriously. We aspire to add to it, not take away. We are part of many great NFT communities. We are students of the game and understand how the NFT market works. Our development team is top tier with many years of experience. Our community is a diverse community of crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, artists, and gamers. This will reflect in our roadmap. They are as driven as we are, therefore we take into account all suggestions from them and try to implement their vision as well. We understand the importance of our community and we stand United with them!